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Blog – Landlords Insurance

18 Jun 2017 Professionals Avon Valley 0 Comment

Landlords Insurance is imperative. Many owners don’t realise just how important this insurance is.

Professionals Avon Valley recommend all investors have landlord insurance to protect them from malicious damage, accidental damage or loss of rent. You never know if something will happen with a rental property.

Let’s face it we all want that perfect tenant, one that pays rent, keeps a clean and spotless house and has the gardens manicured all the time. But all sorts of real life situations can effect near perfect circumstance. For example – owners sometimes don’t consider what happens when a marriage or relationship breaks down or the tenant looses their job.

Unfortunately, these situations can happen and they happen all the time. Professionals Avon Valley are detectives when it comes to processing applications. We cross check driver’s license addresses to ensure it matches with their current address and if it doesn’t, we will question why it doesn’t. We also check the ownership of where potential tenants are living to ensure they are the same owners stated on the application. It doesn’t stop there. When we check references to validate the accuracy of the information provided, we will then question further to check their answers in response to various other questions.

After all this has been done, this is when it really matters. Our office will keep on top of the tenants and act on any rental arrears early, to ensure owners loss of rent is minimal. We will ensure routine inspections are carried out in detail so the tenants know our office standards.

Should any investors/owners not have insurance, Professionals Avon Valley recommend you contact your insurance company immediately. In doing so, we would recommend you ask the following questions – Is their an excess on rent? How much is the excess on malicious and accidental damage? Are changing locks and court costs included in landlords insurance? What other things do their policies cover and don’t cover? These are all questions owners should be asking their insurance company. If you would like Professionals Avon Valley to arrange insurance for you, please contact our office on 96227007. We look forward to being on service.

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